Business Strategy

Still in motion

We get asked a lot where the name MotionMobs came from. The answer is simple: groups of people moving forward together. Our mission is to be a trusted partner to our clients to move their businesses forward with empathy, unity, and craftsmanship.

From healthcare to transportation and manufacturing to legal, forward motion is essential to hit that next milestone. We’re part of the team and take all interests into account, recognizing the humanity in others while striving to make a difference. Every forward step is intentional and mindful.

Our hardworking, collaborative team takes great pride in the milestones our products achieve. Each one is tailored to reaching the unique needs of the client’s business, whether that’s for internal or external growth.


Rolling ahead

For transportation factoring client Porter Freight Funding, the mobile application MotionMobs built keeps their customers rolling – quite literally. Drivers can submit their paperwork while on the road, speeding up the timeline to delivering funds directly to their bank account. The user base continues to grow each month, driving up Porter’s revenue per customer and allowing them to start dreaming about the next big feature to further expand adoption.


Flowing data

Recent legislation and healthcare industry pressure has driven EMR systems like Allscripts and Epic to begin the flow of patient data to outside systems to allow for better patient care. Innovators like ShareSafe have turned to MotionMobs to develop mobile and connected TV applications that leverage the flow of patient data to improve patient outcomes. Clinicians have to move quickly, and it’s essential their tools make that motion effortless.


Automating steps

Moving younger audiences to begin planning for their family’s future finances requires a commitment to automation. Willingworth’s founding team, a certified financial planner and an estate planning attorney, mapped out the tedious process of creating a basic will, which MotionMobs automated into an easy web application. The app intelligently jumps through hundreds of questions to only the ones related to the user’s personal needs to keep families in action without missing a step, even when the worst-case scenario happens.

What’s Your Next Milestone?

Embrace the inertia. You’ll never meet your next goal while sitting still. Tell us where you want to be in six months, and we’ll give you the roadmap to get there. Let’s move forward together.

By Emily Hart