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Our Story

Founded in 2010 in Birmingham, Alabama, MotionMobs has always focused on adapting the best new technologies to develop process efficiencies and custom automations. MotionMobs has been working with bleeding edge mobile technologies and data integrations since 18 months after the inception of the App Store. As a woman-founded, woman-owned, and woman-led Southeastern business, MotionMobs has helped pioneer and embrace sustainable technology through partnering with our clients to navigate the constantly changing landscape.

Highly strategic artificial intelligence and business logic are a powerful duo, enabling businesses to achieve what they never could through manual processes. From TensorFlow to GPT-3.5, AI integrations and custom automation development as tools to unlock potential in your business, but these tools are only as effective as the hands holding them. After more than a decade developing custom applications for web and mobile, MotionMobs is uniquely equipped to help your team use AI and automations with the right strategy.

Our collaborative team brings consultants and developers to the same table to develop solutions to perfectly address the problem at hand. As a partner to our clients, we can develop robust mobile and web applications entirely in-house, direct your existing development team on the best strategy to execute, or anything in between that suits your needs.

From Birmingham Roots to National Reach

Our award-winning, nationally-recognized Birmingham team has earned a reputation for delivering comprehensive, creative technical solutions, and as a certified woman-owned business, we take pride in providing an inclusive and diverse environment where all are welcome. During our tenure in the Magic City, we’ve had offices in the heart of the business district on 1st Avenue North, perched atop Red Mountain with a view of the skyline, and nestled among the vibrant Avondale hot spots on 41st Street South.

We are deeply connected to our Birmingham home and across the state of Alabama. Our team holds degrees from local schools including the University of Alabama at Birmingham and Samford University, and we give back to those schools through mentoring for students. We also donate our time to support local Alabama entrepreneurs through Prosper, Gener8tor, Innovation Depot, Alabama Launchpad, and the Birmingham Business Alliance.

Our Team