What ChatGPT means for you and your business

ChatGPT has been dominating headlines without much clarity as to what it means for daily life. One end of the spectrum implies this advancement is the end to the world as we know it, and the other end discounts it as a fad. The truth likely lies somewhere in the middle. At MotionMobs, we’re always […]

Southwest’s technical debt comes due

The public breakdown of Southwest when their employee management software crashed was hard to stomach. The technical debt of their internal systems caused over 16,000 canceled flights and will cost over an estimated $800 million. It also damaged the reputation of Southwest and its ability to serve its customers.  From the outside, Southwest provides additional […]

Still in motion

We get asked a lot where the name MotionMobs came from. The answer is simple: groups of people moving forward together. Our mission is to be a trusted partner to our clients to move their businesses forward with empathy, unity, and craftsmanship. From healthcare to transportation and manufacturing to legal, forward motion is essential to […]

How to have a million-dollar idea

What makes a million-dollar idea? Spoiler alert: It’s not by chance, it’s not inspiration, and it’s not a stroke of genius. Solving problems At their very core, all ideas are solutions to problems. Think about it. Every good idea you’ve ever had or heard was a way to solve an issue of some kind. Lyft: […]

Three Steps to Custom Development

At MotionMobs, we follow a simple process of identifying, planning, and executing technology. First, we work with our prospective clients to identify the problem that they are trying to solve and how technology can lead to the solution. Then, we plan how the desired technology will solve the problem. Once everything is planned and agreed […]