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ShareView by ShareSafe

ShareSafe, an innovative healthcare technology and media company, is targeting the reduction of medical errors, complications, and readmissions through technology and education. By empowering a patient and their network of medical providers, ShareSafe seeks to improve the health and quality of life of their users during their time spent in a healthcare facility and long after they are discharged.

The Ask

Partnered with clinical transformation leader Dr. Peter Pronovost, ShareSafe is harnessing the power of education to decrease medical errors, complications, and readmissions. Sister company ShareSafe Media also produces exclusive content for ShareSafe applications, driving healthcare industry adoption. ShareView’s goal is to be the distribution channel for ShareSafe Media in healthcare facilities on mobile and Connected TV (CTV) devices. MotionMobs was asked to help define the patent-pending technology that would be used to bring ShareSafe’s vision to life.

Services Provided

MotionMobs partnered with ShareSafe to define the technical specifics of the patent-pending concept, and then used a comprehensive tech stack spanning tools from Microsoft, Google, and Samsung to develop CTV and mobile applications in order to allow for a quad, tri, dual, and single views of patient data on a Samsung healthcare display as controlled by a mobile device. This allows for providers and patients to discuss patient care in a collaborative way without being bogged down by the clunkiness of a traditional EHR. ShareSafe aims to establish an engaging approach on how to use modern technology to combat healthcare’s largest issues at hand while maintaining user data privacy as a top priority through anonymity, encryption, and informed consent.

The Results

MotionMobs strategically consulted on technical aspects of ShareSafe and their suite of product offerings. In addition to the technical consulting with ShareSafe’s executive team, MotionMobs has developed ShareSafe applications for both patients and healthcare providers to facilitate open conversation about conditions and treatments. FHIR integrations into major EHR providers ensure secure, accurate medical records inform all content and communication.

6 Different Languages and Frameworks
Multiple Patient Data Integrations
2,000+ Healthcare Education Videos