How do I fix pain points in my business?

Lego figurine getting stepped on by white Converse shoe.

We hear the term pain points, but what does this mean? Pain points could be a number of issues in your company, but generally they are areas where you could improve. Whether that’s improving how you capitalize on your resources, executing on projects, or what you lack in your business. While there are a variety […]

The architecture of planning an app

Drawing out an app idea

Having a great idea is only the first step to building a great mobile app. Ideas don’t magically transform into well-thought-out functions while a developer is writing code. That process happens before a single line of code is ever written. Many of our clients aren’t sure how to move from a general idea to solid […]

How much does it cost to make an app?

Every potential client who walks through our door inevitably asks the same question “So how much is it going to cost to make my app?” The short answer is, we don’t know without putting in some effort. Many development agencies will give you an estimate after hearing your idea, but you should know that those […]

Why consulting is always the first step for an app

It’s quite common for people who meet with us for a consultation hope that the meeting will conclude with a rough estimate for development. The truth is, rough estimates after just hearing an idea are grossly inaccurate and often intentionally high (or low, if someone’s being dishonest). To get an accurate quote for development, a […]

Love your competition

In business, staying ahead of competition is always a concern, but the presence of competition is important. In the app world, we constantly hear about competition.