Why your ‘comfortable’ small business is in danger

There are a lot of established companies that have grown their business in very different ways. There’s a lot than can be learned from hard-earned sales methods and good customer service.  Most 20-year-old companies could also learn more about technology and how the landscape of their business is changing. But why should they care?

Lessons from the unicorns

There are more than 80 “unicorns” in today’s global startup industry. That means there are more than 80 privately-owned and venture-funded new businesses with valuations of over $1 billion. While we could talk all day about the tech “bubble” and whether or not these valuations are reasonable, these companies are clearly doing something right.

Why every business needs a mobile strategy

Companies that aren’t prioritizing mobile in their business plans are falling behind. Not every business needs their own native mobile application, though. It’s simply not a good fit for every product or service, but that does not exempt those businesses from thinking mobile.

5 questions to evaluate your app idea

Some app ideas are brilliant, some are kind of clever and some are just not worth pursuing. How do you determine whether or not your idea holds water?

Does your business need a mobile app?

Mobile technology is a great way to grow your business. That being said, not every business will actually benefit from having a customer-facing mobile app. Here are a few questions to determine whether or not an app is the right fit for you.