GirlSpring launches new app

Being a teenager is tough. Some days you want to hide in your room and be invisible. Other days you yearn for attention and validation. The best people who understand teenagers… are other teenagers.  App with purpose GirlSpring’s mission is to empower teenage girls to reach their full potential through inspirational role models, reliable information, […]

How MotionMobs’ expertise benefits nonprofits

MotionMobs’ niche is its ability to help companies drive revenue through technical innovation and consulting. However, we’ve worked extensively with nonprofits to apply that same skill set and develop tech solutions which lead to better results for their organizations. It takes a team to get this new technology implemented, we’ve seen that with every project […]

Nonprofits and the Recurring Revenue Problem

A cartoon drawing of a business plan

Nonprofits – big or small, and regardless of their cause – share a common concern: the recurring revenue problem. For decades, nonprofits have relied on generous families to write annual checks to their organization. Annual dinners and parties have focused on drawing the most possible income to raise their projected budget for the following year […]

Nonprofit app ideas that win grants

Nonprofit organizations frequently rely on corporate or government grants to fund new initiatives and move their causes forward. Big corporations like AT&T and Verizon are particularly incentivized to fund community projects that rely on the companies’ technologies, such as mobile apps. Navigating the waters of pitching an app that’s appealing and has noticeable impact can be difficult, […]

When nonprofits have to think like for-profits

Nonprofit organizations are often the bedrock of what holds communities together. Even those that go largely unnoticed make a huge impact. Good nonprofits are run by executives who are passionate about their cause and are driven to bring about change together with their community. Most nonprofits face the same challenge constantly: How do we keep […]