Q&A with LunarLab’s Elizabeth Anderson: Custom apps and where to start

Beginning development of a custom application often seems simple and straightforward. A problem has been defined and technology is the solution, but there is so much more to it than that.  At MotionMobs, development of apps is usually described through the metaphor of building a house. Building something strong, stable, and beautiful requires a significant […]

Three Steps to Custom Development

At MotionMobs, we follow a simple process of identifying, planning, and executing technology. First, we work with our prospective clients to identify the problem that they are trying to solve and how technology can lead to the solution. Then, we plan how the desired technology will solve the problem. Once everything is planned and agreed […]

Porter Freight Solutions launches new mobile app

It’s here!  Porter Freight Funding has launched its new app on the Apple App Store and Google Play and we are excited to tell you about it.  How it started… Porter Freight Funding first came to MotionMobs seeking a way to convert their existing web application into a mobile application. This way, freight carriers and […]

Why privacy is a must with contact tracing

Contact tracing is a term that is already becoming commonplace. What’s important to note about the use of tech in contract tracing is it’s voluntary. The technology will only activate on your phone with your consent. The purpose of opting into this system is to help with conventional contact tracing (telling public health authorities where […]

Props Updated – What’s New?

Have you been sharing Props?  What are you waiting for? Props was launched last July to focus on thanking people for their service and better understanding the impact of our interactions. It offers a great way for employees in the service industry to gather feedback and data about their performance. At the same time, employers […]