Who should create your custom software development project?

Technology drives the decisions of business every day. Its numerous applications have seen companies innovate and implement software solutions that make them more efficient and save them money. When it comes to custom software development, you have options. You can work with your internal team, hire a development firm, or work with freelancers to complete […]

Good, fast, or cheap?

Office collaboration at a desk with laptops out

We frequently describe the software development process as being similar to construction. An architect creates a blueprint from an idea, and then a builder uses the blueprint to build what the client expects. It’s a fabulous analogy because everyone knows you shouldn’t start pouring a foundation without knowing what you’re building. Fixing a foundation later […]

Apple, Google, and In-App Purchases

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In-app purchases are one of the big misconceptions about how app monetization works. Apple and Google have guidelines about in-app purchases (IAP), but some of the rules can be complicated to understand. That’s a big deal because Apple and Google charge a 30 percent fee on all IAP, and that may be 30 percent of […]

How to monetize an app

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The whole point of building an app is to generate revenue for a business. Whether you’re developing a new app for an existing business or launching a new company based on an app, revenue is one of the primary goals. Thanks to the evolution of the app economy since its launch over a decade ago, […]

The mystery of search

Google and the internet has made search for specific content easy and effective. It’s pretty common for our clients to request a search function in their app, with the expectation that all searches are the same as a Google search. There’s a lot more to search, though, and it’s important to weigh all of your […]