The architecture of planning an app

Drawing out an app idea

Having a great idea is only the first step to building a great mobile app. Ideas don’t magically transform into well-thought-out functions while a developer is writing code. That process happens before a single line of code is ever written. Many of our clients aren’t sure how to move from a general idea to solid […]

AppCon ’17

MotionMobs attended ACT’s App Economy Conference in Washington, D.C., this week to help tell our story as a small tech company and speak about how policy impacts us. As a professional services company, we also attended to speak on behalf of our clients, who run tech businesses based on the apps we build for them. […]

6 ways to prepare your software for an acquisition

Preparing your software product for an exit takes a lot of consideration and planning. It isn’t all about new features or the next phase. It’s the entire strategy that can really make your software sing to investors. It can a bit overwhelming, and it is better to start at least one year in advance of […]

How to land an investor

Thanks to media coverage and TV shows like Shark Tank and Silicon Valley, “finding an investor” has suddenly become the first instinct for how entrepreneurs plan to fund their new business. Expenses seemingly don’t matter because there’s free money for everyone with an idea, right? Wrong. We hear people use the phrase “I’ll just find […]

How much does it cost to make an app?

Every potential client who walks through our door inevitably asks the same question “So how much is it going to cost to make my app?” The short answer is, we don’t know without putting in some effort. Many development agencies will give you an estimate after hearing your idea, but you should know that those […]