Is residential real estate the new healthcare?

In the early 2000s, healthcare was the hot-topic industry. Entrepreneurs, hospitals, healthcare clinics, and investors realized that there was an opportunity in the large, cumbersome, and mature industry. Similar stage fronts Similar to residential real estate, most people need healthcare services, and for those that don’t actively need them, there is a high likelihood that […]

Home builders and apps: The right tools for the job

The market is ripe for custom home builders to identify their customers and give them the product they want. The housing market is in a period of historically low interest rates, creating even more buyers. Home sales unexpectedly rose in September 2016 and most of the year as a whole. Home builders have significantly more […]

What the heck is a beacon?

Maybe you’ve heard of them, maybe you haven’t. Beacons are little gadgets that have been around for a couple years but are just now starting to get serious market traction. With the launch of “consumer-friendly” beacons like the ones from Estimote, these little devices are now being marketed directly at the companies that can benefit […]