Why monetization strategy impacts software

A seemeingly endless wooden staircase.

Ever tried to move a couch into an apartment and realized that it doesn’t fit through the stairwell to get there? Ever picked a mixing bowl that turned out to be too small for the recipe? It’s a terrible feeling to realize that you didn’t calculate correctly before you embarked on a project and now […]

How do I fix pain points in my business?

Lego figurine getting stepped on by white Converse shoe.

We hear the term pain points, but what does this mean? Pain points could be a number of issues in your company, but generally they are areas where you could improve. Whether that’s improving how you capitalize on your resources, executing on projects, or what you lack in your business. While there are a variety […]

Adapting business to the mobile landscape

Coffee table at a cafe with a notebook, sunglasses, coffee and a phone that is charging.

Mobile software capability has become essential to having a thriving business. Smartphones have made it easier to accomplish the same tasks that previously required  a computer. Being able to meet users where they are is important for growing your business. Adapting your business to meet your customers’ needs is the next step in this process, […]

Hate it or Love it. How do you feel about your software?

A computer with statistical graphics displayed

Large companies in the manufacturing, construction, materials, and transportation space are successful because for years they have provided essential services and consistent reliability. As a result, they have established well-known, credible reputations in their respective fields. However, large companies in these industries are often the slowest to adapt new technologies. They often rely on old, […]

Do you need a bot?

If you see the word ‘bot’ and think “BattleBots,” you’re not wrong, but it means you may have missed the recent hype surrounding one of the latest software trends. Bots are automated software programs for which your main interface is conversational in nature. Rather than clicking buttons or entering specific commands to complete a task, […]