Why marketers need to understand how software works

Woman using an ipad near a window

One of the keys to marketing is truly understanding your audience. Once you know their wants and needs, you know how to relate to them and, as a result, how to get them to like your brand. Studies have revealed that adults spend more than four hours every day on their mobile devices, which means […]

10 ways to lose money on your app

App development is expensive. It’s even more expensive when you end up losing money in the long run. Here are ten ways to waste your hard-earned money in the world of app development. 1. You make an app just to have an app This is a trap that is easy to fall into with the […]

Love your competition

In business, staying ahead of competition is always a concern, but the presence of competition is important. In the app world, we constantly hear about competition.

App Strategy, Ep. 5: Leveraging your community

This week on the podcast, our new community manager, Jen, joins us to talk about how you can explore and improve your great idea – app idea or other – by talking to people in your community.