CodingSolutions: Developing Alabama’s tech talent

It’s no secret the economy has shifted towards a more technology driven market. The state of Alabama for example had over 3,000 unfulfilled computing jobs in 2017. The challenge the state and its cities face is similar to many cities across the country: tech talent is hard to find. Even a city like Austin struggles […]

Adapting business to the mobile landscape

Coffee table at a cafe with a notebook, sunglasses, coffee and a phone that is charging.

Mobile software capability has become essential to having a thriving business. Smartphones have made it easier to accomplish the same tasks that previously required  a computer. Being able to meet users where they are is important for growing your business. Adapting your business to meet your customers’ needs is the next step in this process, […]

Retaining Alabama talent with CodingSolutions

A man smiling working on the computer

MotionMobs Marketing Director Emily Hart sat down with President Taylor Peake to discuss CodingSolutions, a client out of Montgomery with a focus on retaining top programming talent within Alabama. Listen to the full conversation here:   What is Coding Solutions? Emily: Today we’re talking about CodingSolutions. CodingSolutions is a highly competitive job readiness program that prepares […]

Do you need a bot?

If you see the word ‘bot’ and think “BattleBots,” you’re not wrong, but it means you may have missed the recent hype surrounding one of the latest software trends. Bots are automated software programs for which your main interface is conversational in nature. Rather than clicking buttons or entering specific commands to complete a task, […]

The danger of being comfortable: Healthcare

How does a hospital or medical practice of any kind climb their way to the top of the endless mountains of data collected over the years, usually through archaic systems? There is no easy answer to this question.