GraphQL or REST?

I’ve heard all the hype with GraphQL and couldn’t wait to see what the fuss was all about. I wondered if this would even be worth my time learning considering it’s relatively new and the industry standard is REST (another way of querying data, but we’ll talk about that later in this blog). Plus, let’s […]

Becoming a Developer

So you decided to become a programmer? You took classes, online courses, and scoured the internet for tutorials to follow. Next, you’ve created personal projects to build your portfolio to get your dream job. You got the job but you come to realize that this isn’t quite like sitting in a classroom listening to your […]

CodingSolutions: Developing Alabama’s tech talent

It’s no secret the economy has shifted towards a more technology driven market. The state of Alabama for example had over 3,000 unfulfilled computing jobs in 2017. The challenge the state and its cities face is similar to many cities across the country: tech talent is hard to find. Even a city like Austin struggles […]

Giving app developers a voice in Washington

App development is not an industry that gets a lot of recognition for the value that it brings to businesses, consumers and the economy. It’s certainly not ignored, but it doesn’t necessarily get the credit or the recognition that it deserves and is often misunderstood. For every Angry Birds application that now exists in our […]