Need to contact your representative? Write a KwikLetter

When’s the last time you wrote a letter? It’s not something we do often, but we appreciate receiving them. Letters are personal. They go to our friends and loved ones through birthday cards, best wishes, congratulations and function as a more formal way of connecting, even reconnecting. It’s the personal connection that leads letter writing […]

What to know about Alabama’s contact tracing app

Contact tracing has opened up a lot of questions about anything from how it works to who will support the efforts to make sure it’s effective. While there are a considerable number of others which will arise, it’s important we address a few we’ve gotten leading up the app’s release. How much does it cost […]

Props Updated – What’s New?

Have you been sharing Props?  What are you waiting for? Props was launched last July to focus on thanking people for their service and better understanding the impact of our interactions. It offers a great way for employees in the service industry to gather feedback and data about their performance. At the same time, employers […]

Why can’t the government keep up? Why the IDP’s app, IowaReporter, failed.

A collage of voted stickers

Most of us have lived this scenario before: you are cramming for a big final, meeting, or something important, and you need your computer, software, internet, or printer to work. You give yourself a very short period of time to have your technology do what you have asked it to do a thousand times before. […]

Who should create your custom software development project?

Technology drives the decisions of business every day. Its numerous applications have seen companies innovate and implement software solutions that make them more efficient and save them money. When it comes to custom software development, you have options. You can work with your internal team, hire a development firm, or work with freelancers to complete […]