Want to reach all users on mobile and desktop alike? A web application may be the right choice. Web applications are widely versatile and are great for displaying complicated functions. Our senior developers can build and integrate web apps from the ground up or run alongside an existing team to increase functionality or make improvements. Custom web applications help companies accelerate operations through automations, data analysis, and documentation for internal and external customers.

Languages and Frameworks

No custom web app exists in a vacuum, so you must take into account the hardware and operating systems accessing the app, integrations required, functions included, and capacity of the maintenance team. Choosing a web language or framework for development is an equation between scalability, longevity, and speed. Our diverse backgrounds include experience in React, Go, Dart, Django, Node.JS, Angular.JS, .NET, Rust, Ruby on Rails, MongoDB, CouchDB, Javascript, Java, Docker, SQL, PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch, and more.


Custom web applications work with and can be integrated with third-party services. Third-party services may be a proprietary application that keeps a business running, or it may be an off-the-shelf SaaS product that helps a business that is currently using it to reach certain goals. Integrations with web applications help prevent data silos and instead promote a comprehensive understanding of your business in motion.

Custom web application on a tablet being held in a person's left hand

Front-End & Back-End Development Expertise

MotionMobs is differentiated by having teams and experts that focus on either front-end or back-end development, moving forward together. That’s why we’ve intentionally built our full-stack development capabilities with a collaborative group of individuals with unique strengths. This allows for the build of custom software entirely in-house while also supporting strictly front-end projects or strictly back-end work for clients with existing programming teams.