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Tech Audit

Knowing your software’s shortcomings is the first step toward improvement. Acting on those is how you secure advantage.

Code Review

Every programmer has their own style, but sometimes it takes an objective third party to identify what is variation in approach and what is a true vulnerability. Our senior developers are well-versed in a wide variety of modern web languages and frameworks and can audit anything from Angular to Ruby on Rails and Go to React.

Improvement Roadmap

It’s easy to point out problems, but it can be more challenging to figure out how to fix them. Every tech audit we do includes a roadmap to repairing the vulnerabilities we document. We can implement the updates, or your in-house team can apply our strategy to their work.

Business Impact

We assess every opportunity for improvement in your codebase through a lens to measure its business impact, as well as the impact of inaction. Our goal to always deliver a return on investment even applies to a tech audit.

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