Tech Audits

Main Street

Financial printing solution provider, Main Street, was seeking to expand their business through acquisitions. As a part of diligence, the company needed a technical partner that could analyze the risks and benefits of the prospective acquisition’s existing technology. MotionMobs served as a consulting partner to audit the software.

The Ask

MotionMobs came in as a consulting partner to audit the software that was a part of a prospective Main Street acquisition. The target company’s business was heavily centered around e-commerce software Magento.

Services Provided

Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform written in PHP. This technology could be heavily customized, particularly around workflows of product ordering and purchasing. MotionMobs audited the custom implementation and outlined the risks and merits of the technology and how it could impact business in the future if acquired.

The Results

MotionMobs presented Main Street with a technical audit report that outlined the findings of the audit, including how the technology was being used and customized. In addition to reporting the findings of how the target company was using Magneto, the report also included concerns that stood out in regards to the software and its utilization. MotionMobs included a plan of action to provide an understanding as to what it would take to resolve the software issues and concerns to allow Main Street to feel comfortable in moving forward with the transaction.

Audited Data Points and Workflows
Numerous Findings as Areas of Concerns
Various Planned Solutions