Acquiring, selling, or merging software products can be difficult as transparency from a seller around what a buyer is purchasing can be vague. Typically, when an LOI is executed, due diligence requires a tech audit to identify risks around the technology and the assets impacted. Our audits go a step further and provide an action plan to resolve identified risks to help our clients understand the value of the tech and how that can move deal terms. 

Code Review

It is important during a transaction for the seller to communicate clearly about their technology, its impact to the business, and the stability in which it has been built. Based on who developed the technology and the quality of that developer, it takes an objective third party to identify vulnerabilities and inconsistencies. Our senior developers are well-versed in a wide variety of modern web languages and frameworks and can audit anything from Angular to Ruby on Rails and Go to React.

Improvement Roadmap

Not only is it important to understand the vulnerabilities and liabilities within the technology during a transaction, it is also crucial to understand how to right-size that technology to get it to a point where the deal can continue and the purchase price can be adjusted if necessary. All tech audits include a roadmap to repair documented vulnerabilities. This roadmap allows for both parties to understand the cost and time it would take in order for our team to implement the changes and updates. 


Business Impact

Every opportunity for improvement in a company’s codebase is viewed through a lens to measure its business impact, as well as the impact of inaction. Our goal to always deliver a return on investment even applies to a tech audit, allowing for both buyers and sellers to understand the value of the technology within a deal.