Willingworth: Wills that safeguard your future and your family

We make plans to take the uncertainty out of decision making. It allows us to be intentional with our time and prepared for what’s ahead. For millions of people the future is harder to look at due to the challenges of the pandemic. It’s a phenomenon that highlights the growing wealth gap between people and […]

The danger of being comfortable: Nonprofit

As a nonprofit, you’d think that the message alone would be enough to drive yearly fundraising goals and when applicable, attendance. If it’s something worth caring about, it runs itself… right? Wrong. 

Why your mobile app needs a web app too

If you don’t have a centralized, web-based dashboard to store and update content on your app, you’ll be making the two-week wait for Apple’s approval all too frequently, even for basic content changes. We recommend building a centralized dashboard, with a secure login and specific fields that pull updated content directly to mobile solutions, to most of our business clients.