Willingworth: Wills that safeguard your future and your family

We make plans to take the uncertainty out of decision making. It allows us to be intentional with our time and prepared for what’s ahead. For millions of people the future is harder to look at due to the challenges of the pandemic. It’s a phenomenon that highlights the growing wealth gap between people and a large part of that exists due to generational wealth transfer.

Not everyone has had the resources or ability to have a plan for their loved ones after they’re gone, but Willingworth hopes to change that narrative. 

Securing futures for everyone

Willingworth is a 21st century approach to creating a will to safeguard you, your family, and your property. Its founders, Kyle Kruse, a certified financial planner, and Bob Loftin, an estate planning attorney, recognize there are a lot of people underserved in this industry and wish to address this gap. 

“As an estate planning attorney and certified financial planner, we have first-hand experience with the positive impact this type of planning has on peoples’ lives. The traditional professional services industry is leaving millions unserved. We wanted to create a platform, really a movement, that makes reliable and trustworthy Complete Will Packages available. Every adult needs a will, but most people don’t know where to get a plan they can trust at a price they are willing to pay. For us, the opportunity to take our experience and build it into an online platform that could give people a service they can trust and rely on was something we had to try,” Kruse said.

Why Willingworth is different

What makes their platform unique is the ability to quickly develop a will whether you’re single or preparing it for your family, no matter where you live in the United States. Thanks to their platform, you can easily change or add to your documents since they’re all located within your account and available for download. 

Professional services like estate planning are traditionally seen as expensive and target people who consider themselves wealthy. As a result, most people believe these services aren’t for them. Willingworth wants to be part of the democratization of these types of services. By preparing more people to consider what happens with their assets, they can help families build generational wealth and be more secure in their futures. 

The future of wills

Many of us already sign PDF documents electronically or through platforms like DotLoop, but not all documents are accepted through electronic formats. Currently, wills need to be printed, signed and recorded, but Willingworth sees the opportunity for digitally signed wills, known as e-wills, to expand. As states begin adopting these policies, Willingworth will be in position to offer those services and to handle most of its document transfers electronically.  

The Willingworth approach

The conversation around preparing your will is uncomfortable and Willingworth understands that.

“We know that people don’t like to think about death, they don’t like to talk about death, and they don’t like to plan for death,” Kruse said. “What we try to communicate is that you’re not really planning for you and your death, you are planning for the people you leave behind. You’re planning to make their lives less complicated and more secure. And that is a beautiful thing. So, we built Willingworth to make the process of creating that plan as stress-free on the user as possible.”

Looking ahead

We live in a time defined by uncertainty, but we still need to look to the future in whatever ways we can. Take the pressure off yourself and your loved ones by having a plan in place for yourself and others. Prepare using Willingworth. You’ll secure your future and have a plan in place for yourself and your loved ones. 

By Vaughn Hunt