MotionMobs is hiring again!

You’re an incredibly motivated and creative developer with the ability to easily consider the details of your projects as well as the big picture. You thrive in a collaborative environment where you can brainstorm solutions with other developers and ask for feedback on your code. Multitasking keeps your creativity flowing, and you enjoy not being trapped in one task for weeks on end.

Welcome our New Marketing Strategist, Emily Hart

MotionMobs is excited to announce our newest addition to the team, Marketing Strategist Emily Leithauser Hart. She brings to MotionMobs experience in marketing for retail, non-profits, as well as writing and design for magazines, which has given her the chance to focus on a wide variety of audiences. She also has experience with Apple’s corporate Retail Marketing department in Cupertino, Calif, focusing on the youth and adult learning programs in Apple retail stores.