How MotionMobs built GuideSafe: Developing with Swift

When the team at MotionMobs heard about the new Exposure Notification framework coming from Apple and Google, we knew that it was an opportunity to use our expertise to help manage and eliminate COVID-19. As direct competitors in the mobile market, it’s not often that Apple and Google work together to combine the power of […]

Taylor’s Swift: Favorite Things – Generics

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on – Wait, that’s not it. I’m back with more thoughts on Swift. In the next few posts, I’ll talk about some of the pleasures of working in Swift (hence, a few of my favorite things).

Taylor’s Swift: An Introduction

This year at WWDC Apple made it very clear to developers that Swift was the language they should use going forward. Supporting Objective-C is something we’ll have to do for now, but new code should ideally be written in Swift.

So you want to try SpriteKit

So you’ve been working with UIKit forever (or at least for a bit) and finally noticed SpriteKit? Well here are just a few tips/tricks that I’ve come across that I thought might be helpful.

iOS or Android

We often get asked about iOS versus Android and why you would need separate development and design for each. While there are small crossovers here and there, for the most part, developing for iOS and Android is as different as night and day. If you want the application to perform, look, interact and react the way that the user expects, you are going to need to develop for both.