Semester in Review: Data Science with MotionMobs

Written by Dorothy Alexander, senior at Birmingham-Southern College and Fall 2021 Intern at MotionMobs In August, I started an internship with MotionMobs as part of the Data Science program at Birmingham-Southern College. As a part of the program, I completed a 12-week summer intensive program the summer prior at BSC through a partnership with Flatiron […]

Ed Farm partners with MotionMobs to teach Alabama’s future tech force

A desk with an apple sitting on a pile of books and alphabet blocks.

The evolution of technology and its rapid growth can be felt predominantly in how we socialize as much as its influence on the economy. Alabama is like many states who face challenges to keep up with its constant shifts and recognizes its education hasn’t achieved the results it desires in order to address a burgeoning […]

Selma: A conversation of privilege, power and perspective

The Bridge Tenders House near the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama

Above: The Bridge Tenders House near the Edmund Pettus Bridge Selma is historically known for being a pivotal battleground of the Civil Rights movement and the events that led to Bloody Sunday on the Edmund Pettus Bridge. It nationally publicized the disenfranchisement Black voters faced in trying to register to vote and led to the […]

Retaining Alabama talent with CodingSolutions

A man smiling working on the computer

MotionMobs Marketing Director Emily Hart sat down with President Taylor Peake to discuss CodingSolutions, a client out of Montgomery with a focus on retaining top programming talent within Alabama. Listen to the full conversation here:   What is Coding Solutions? Emily: Today we’re talking about CodingSolutions. CodingSolutions is a highly competitive job readiness program that prepares […]

Dream Big

Compass in a window sill

At MotionMobs, while our backgrounds may vary, our common purpose is the same. We have believed from the beginning of the App Store that technology is here to change our world, for better or for worse, and we’ve decided to use the skills we have to make our society better. How, you ask? MotionMobs is […]