How MotionMobs’ expertise benefits nonprofits

MotionMobs’ niche is its ability to help companies drive revenue through technical innovation and consulting. However, we’ve worked extensively with nonprofits to apply that same skill set and develop tech solutions which lead to better results for their organizations. It takes a team to get this new technology implemented, we’ve seen that with every project […]

Why your app’s data is more important now than ever

Every day we get emails that mention “what we’ve learned during COVID-19…” as it relates to small business owners navigating this crisis. Everyone’s thinking more critically how to keep employees while balancing client expectations. For mobile app owners, you’ve probably spent more time reviewing the metrics of your app whether it’s downloads, user activity, or […]

Props Where They’re Due

A young women leaping lightly with a blue umbrella in her hand in front of a yellow wall.

Digital communication has created an illusion of anonymity where people comment without real repercussions. We’ve become lazy in our communication, using fewer words and only bothering to communicate when we feel strongly. It has isolated professions that interact with the public, and they rarely get specific feedback that reflects their daily efforts. And therein lies […]

Why monetization strategy impacts software

A seemeingly endless wooden staircase.

Ever tried to move a couch into an apartment and realized that it doesn’t fit through the stairwell to get there? Ever picked a mixing bowl that turned out to be too small for the recipe? It’s a terrible feeling to realize that you didn’t calculate correctly before you embarked on a project and now […]

How do I fix pain points in my business?

Lego figurine getting stepped on by white Converse shoe.

We hear the term pain points, but what does this mean? Pain points could be a number of issues in your company, but generally they are areas where you could improve. Whether that’s improving how you capitalize on your resources, executing on projects, or what you lack in your business. While there are a variety […]