How to choose the wrong developer

We’ve seen it again and again. A client comes to us with an app they started with another developer, but things didn’t turn out as hoped. Sometimes it’s because the first developer simply couldn’t build what they said they could, sometimes they took far longer than originally promised, and sometimes they kept asking for more […]

Hosting: Your best friend or worst enemy

Every app needs hosting, and hosting can either be your best friend or your worst enemy. For those curious about what “hosting” is, click here for some good info. Hosting only really becomes important when your app starts to become successful. If you haven’t been planning for success from the beginning, then you could end […]

5 questions to ask before you hire a software development firm

Finding the right software partner isn’t an exact science. There are a lot of different methodologies and languages for building software. You need to find someone you trust. You need a process in place for receiving and reviewing milestones throughout the project as they are met. You need to understand how a transition period will […]