Application Development

Move to reach your users right where they are: on their mobile devices, desktop, or in their everyday workflow. Applications aren’t one-size-fits-all, so we will help you determine the perfect fit for your users. Our in-house team specializes in all things app development, from Android to iOS to cross-platform Flutter, and for devices of all sizes. Custom applications help companies accelerate operations through automations, data analysis, and documentation for internal and external customers. Building a custom application can drive you to your next milestone.

Custom Mobile and Web Applications with UI/UX Design

No custom app exists in a vacuum, so you must take into account the hardware and operating systems accessing the app, integrations required, functions included, and capacity of the maintenance team. Choosing a language or framework for development is an equation between scalability, longevity, and speed. Our diverse backgrounds include experience in React, Go, Dart, Django, Node.JS, Angular.JS, .NET, Rust, Ruby on Rails, MongoDB, CouchDB, Javascript, Java, Docker, SQL, PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch, and more. Let your business goals can also dictate whether you choose a native iOS app, native Android app, cross-platform mobile app, or progressive web application. Our team builds mobile apps in Flutter, Swift, Kotlin, Java for Android, and React, based on the needs of the client’s business. A focus on UI/UX design of required features can have just as much of an impact on development language. Our expertise with custom applications can assist in maintaining the codebase after launch.

SmartTV and ConnectedTV Applications

Many business owners are focusing on how they can reach users on their mobile devices, desktop machines, and even their televisions. SmartTV and ConnectedTV applications allow for companies to reach more users and provide information and services to long-form content. These applications identify the user quickly when paired with a mobile device and facilitate consuming content frequently and in a larger format.

Blockchain, NFTs, and Cryptocurrencies

Blockchain technology changes the way that users store and transfer data, providing secure and transparent digital transactions. As blockchain technology continues to evolve, the use of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) has become increasingly popular. The indisputable chain of ownership of an NFT or other asset along a blockchain enables a variety of industries to prove authenticity, value, and security of collectibles, property, art, and more. At MotionMobs, we can consult, develop and implement these forms of technology in order to allow for your business to more securely make transactions or develop ways to store and share assets. We can as well as provide guidance on how to integrate this technology into existing systems, focused on specific needs.