Mobile Applications

Porter Freight Funding

Porter Freight Funding, a transportation factoring company, needed to convert their existing web application into a native mobile app for on-the-go drivers. With most of their users in transit, Porter needed to be competitive and use a mobile app to increase the number of loads clients could process.

The Ask

Porter’s goal was to streamline the operations of their internal team while making it easier for carriers to get funded on the road. The application presented a strong ROI use case for development of the proposed functionality to increase efficiencies and the accuracy of data.

Services Provided

Porter partnered with MotionMobs to convert their existing web application into a Flutter mobile application while maintaining the company’s integrations with third-party software like HubTran and Factorsoft. It was important for Porter to understand how this conversion would set them up for future technical and financial success.

The Results

MotionMobs consulted with Porter on its current web application, taking into consideration its impact to existing processes and its ability to process loads and fuel advances. MotionMobs was able to work with Porter to plan for the conversion of their existing web application into a new, user-friendly mobile application. Porter was able to maintain their current back-end database and integrate with the custom Flutter front-end. The company was able to increase the number of loads processed and track deliveries with a seamless integration for additional revenue.

3,600+ Loads Processed per Year
500 Active Customers
5 Unique User Types