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API Integrations

Never reinvent the wheel. There is a wealth of great software out there, from CRM to EMR and IMS to ERP. Integrating these systems with a custom application can make them even more powerful by customizing them to your company’s unique needs.

Custom Mobile and Web Interfaces

With a powerful system behind the scenes, all you may need is a customized front-end for your customers or your employees. This may be a custom mobile app for technicians to use in the field or perhaps a simplified access point for customers to receive updates. With a robust API integration, our custom development can connect directly to the services already in place.

Inclusive Solutions

Most business needs are similar on a fundamental level, and B2B software reflects that. Off-the-shelf software doesn’t always fit all of a company’s needs, so an API integration between two or more systems may provide a more appropriate solution. A custom API integration can connect sales with scheduling and service providers with accounting to produce an inclusive solution.

Monetizing APIs

You may already have a proprietary system in place with a valuable database. Building out a monetized API to allow other developers or software companies to integrate your services to their products can create a brand new revenue channel on top of your existing technology.

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