How to land an investor

Thanks to media coverage and TV shows like Shark Tank and Silicon Valley, “finding an investor” has suddenly become the first instinct for how entrepreneurs plan to fund their new business. Expenses seemingly don’t matter because there’s free money for everyone with an idea, right? Wrong. We hear people use the phrase “I’ll just find […]

Lessons from the unicorns

There are more than 80 “unicorns” in today’s global startup industry. That means there are more than 80 privately-owned and venture-funded new businesses with valuations of over $1 billion. While we could talk all day about the tech “bubble” and whether or not these valuations are reasonable, these companies are clearly doing something right.

5 questions to evaluate your app idea

Some app ideas are brilliant, some are kind of clever and some are just not worth pursuing. How do you determine whether or not your idea holds water?

3 ways to jump-start your app idea on a shoestring budget

At MotionMobs, we consult with a lot of start-ups. We help early stage tech companies and individuals with app ideas, some who have already secured investments and others whom are still looking for their angel. We also help large, established companies create new products that build additional revenue channels.

We understand trying to get the most out of your “shoestring budget”. We’re personally familiar with that struggle. It is challenging, but it can also help you stay focused on what is most important– building a solid plan and gaining traction quickly. 

5 ways to prepare your startup for success

Bringing a product to market is hard. While we have helped others launch their apps, it’s not often we get to do it ourselves. We recently attended DIG SOUTH, an interactive conference in Charleston, SC, and it was a good reminder of the things you have to keep in mind as you build and promote a new startup or app.