Business Strategy

Why we’re an employees first company and what that means

Recently, a Richard Branson quote has been making its way through my social media feeds. The quote is… “Clients do not come first. Employees come first.” And, it has sparked some great discussions.


Being a serviced-focused company, we strive for efficiency and long-lasting professional relationships. With current and potential clients, we keep a ridiculously fast response time by any means of communication. As a small team, we’re always looking for ways to help promote and showcase products we build. We’re fully invested in everything we create. We specialize in new software products, and we handle everything from strategy to implementation and support. It’s a full-service commitment for us, and we always take it seriously.

A big part of our value proposition is always bringing the best people to the table for the job. We have business consultants, with software backgrounds, focused on executing the best solution to increase the bottom line results. And, we have experienced engineers dedicated to their trade. We often use our company chat to discuss new techniques, third party frameworks, and improvements we’d like to see in the tools we use.

The key to keeping the best talent isn’t nearly as complicated as application development… treat your people well. Here are three basic tips:

  • Listen when they have a concern, and create an environment where they bring their concerns to you first.
  • Be transparent. Always. When your company has a problem, tell them how they can help. This will help your key players stand out.
  • Show appreciation. ‘Thank you’ goes a long way. Employees who feel appreciated will work harder.


If you’re looking to expand your software team, these simple tips will help you stand out. If you’re working on a new project, let us know how we can help.

By Taylor Peake