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3 Atlanta markets that should prioritize mobile development

Atlanta has made a name for itself in the past few years in the startup and technology sectors. With the success of mobile application Yik Yak and growth of groups like Atlanta Tech Village, Startup Atlanta, General Assembly and many more, Atlanta definitely has the attention of the nation. The way this city values innovation and technology speaks volumes for its business priorities.

As mobile and web application developers, we firmly believe the need for great mobile technology exists everywhere – from a brand new company to one that has been around for decades. We’ve identified three major types of Atlanta businesses that can benefit immensely by either introducing new mobile solutions or updating existing ones. If your company falls into one of these categories you need to be thinking mobile soon and often.

Entrepreneurs who are serious about a tech-based product or service

There’s a major difference between being an entrepreneur and simply having a side project. A side project is something to work on in free time, maybe put a little money toward enjoying the process and perhaps it even makes some money in return. Entrepreneurs put it all on the line for their dream – job, time and money. A mobile solution isn’t simply a side project. To launch a strong app-based business that is scalable and sustainable requires a solid plan, significant capital and a willingness to sacrifice.

Small to mid-sized businesses that want to expand or improve their business with mobile

Many small and mid-sized businesses have already established their business model and have become successful. Nearly every business can benefit from either streamlining their processes or offering their customers a more convenient, digital way of accessing their product or service. A technology investment that either increases revenue or decreases expenses will impact the business’s bottom line for the better. Even a business that is already doing well can improve by implementing the right technology solutions.

High-growth startups looking to develop mobile faster than their team can support

Sometimes building mobile or web applications is a no-brainer to catalyze growth in a startup, but the existing technology team is already so busy that they don’t have the time to build for mobile too. Entrepreneurs in this position need to seek development from high quality teams who can build quickly and then transition ongoing support to the in-house team.

MotionMobs can offer expertise to clients in all three of these markets. Whether you’re building a new product, launching a new division or overhauling an older solution, we would love to be part of the process.

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By Emily Hart