What is App Tracking Transparency?

app tracking transparency nutrition labels

How much privacy do mobile app users have? Apple has made significant strides in pressuring app developers to be transparent about how they are sharing mobile user data with third parties and for what purpose. Apple’s App Tracking Transparency policy includes disclosures from developers and “nutrition labels” for consumers to see what data is being […]

Increasing care access with healthtech innovation

Healthtech has already seen incredible innovation over the past five years: Doctors are recommending an Apple Watch for patients who previously would have gotten a prescription for a heart monitor. Primary care physicians can diagnose their patients with common illnesses through telemedicine solutions. Consumers can get preventative and maintenance prescription medication through mobile applications without […]

Why privacy is a must with contact tracing

Contact tracing is a term that is already becoming commonplace. What’s important to note about the use of tech in contract tracing is it’s voluntary. The technology will only activate on your phone with your consent. The purpose of opting into this system is to help with conventional contact tracing (telling public health authorities where […]

What businesses need to consider in privacy and security

Data is a great resource for companies. It helps propel product innovations and in many cases, is direct feedback for what direction a product should develop. Its value extends beyond the company collecting information, which is often why companies are willing to sell their data to others. Most free services on the internet aren’t free; […]