Good, fast, or cheap?

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We frequently describe the software development process as being similar to construction. An architect creates a blueprint from an idea, and then a builder uses the blueprint to build what the client expects. It’s a fabulous analogy because everyone knows you shouldn’t start pouring a foundation without knowing what you’re building. Fixing a foundation later […]

The year of software anniversaries

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It is a monumental year for the two mobile giants of the industry: Apple and Google. The App Store celebrated its tenth anniversary in July while the Android Market (before being merged into what is now Google Play in 2012) reaches the 10 year milestone today, October 22. In 2011, smartphone ownership accounted for only […]

How to monetize an app

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The whole point of building an app is to generate revenue for a business. Whether you’re developing a new app for an existing business or launching a new company based on an app, revenue is one of the primary goals. Thanks to the evolution of the app economy since its launch over a decade ago, […]

Create new revenue streams for your business with an app

Mobile applications have dramatically altered the way consumers interact with businesses. As a result, customers are becoming more hesitant to commit to a sale and more likely to take their business elsewhere at the drop of a hat. In order to stay profitable in this ever-changing market, companies must reach their customers where they are: […]

The danger of being comfortable: Nonprofit

As a nonprofit, you’d think that the message alone would be enough to drive yearly fundraising goals and when applicable, attendance. If it’s something worth caring about, it runs itself… right? Wrong.