The danger of being comfortable: Entertainment

Not only was entertainment the first child of technology disruption, the tech leaders in these industries are still some of the biggest, best, and most profitable. It will also be the industry to expect the most impressive blindsides from in the future.

The danger of being comfortable: Nonprofit

As a nonprofit, you’d think that the message alone would be enough to drive yearly fundraising goals and when applicable, attendance. If it’s something worth caring about, it runs itself… right? Wrong. 

The danger of being comfortable: Finance

One of the biggest battles going on right now between startups and established business is in the financial space. Long-standing giants of the American banking scene are being threatened by the little guys who have picked one specific financial service and are delivering it with excellence.

Why your ‘comfortable’ small business is in danger

There are a lot of established companies that have grown their business in very different ways. There’s a lot than can be learned from hard-earned sales methods and good customer service.  Most 20-year-old companies could also learn more about technology and how the landscape of their business is changing. But why should they care?