What to know when offshoring software development

Zoomed in view of computer code.

Development projects are an investment. There’s no way around this as you look at how to upgrade what your company offers. The rate developers charge per hour can appear to be steep and varies based on location. Often, people who aren’t ready for this investment should realize that the upfront cost is only the beginning […]

How to modernize your legacy enterprise software

The need to modernize software is becoming more important than ever for both security and productivity purposes. Your enterprise software is a vital part of your business which is why you’ve depended on it for years.  However, updating this software is just as important to your business. Modern software products often promote more flexibility by not being […]

What businesses need to consider in privacy and security

Data is a great resource for companies. It helps propel product innovations and in many cases, is direct feedback for what direction a product should develop. Its value extends beyond the company collecting information, which is often why companies are willing to sell their data to others. Most free services on the internet aren’t free; […]

What’s your 2020 plan for technology?

As the year wraps up, it’s time to start planning what your technology goals will be for 2020. No matter what your specific goal is, it needs to reflect an essential component of your business that needs to be improved. It could be you need to create a new tool to be more effective or […]

Who should create your custom software development project?

Technology drives the decisions of business every day. Its numerous applications have seen companies innovate and implement software solutions that make them more efficient and save them money. When it comes to custom software development, you have options. You can work with your internal team, hire a development firm, or work with freelancers to complete […]