Willingworth is a 21st century approach to creating a will. The platform takes advantage of technology to make the process of safeguarding your future affairs simple thanks to forms that are easy to read, access and navigate. Any documents created are also state specific, ensuring that all wills are compliant to guidelines and procedures wherever you reside.

Founders Kyle Kruse, a certified financial planner, and Bob Loftin, an estate planning attorney, recognize there are a lot of people underserved in this industry and wish to address this gap.

“As an estate planning attorney and certified financial planner, we have first-hand experience with the positive impact this type of planning has on peoples’ lives. The traditional professional services industry is leaving millions unserved. We wanted to create a platform, really a movement, that makes reliable and trustworthy Complete Will Packages available. Every adult needs a will, but most people don’t know where to get a plan they can trust at a price they are willing to pay. For us, the opportunity to take our experience and build it into an online platform that could give people a service they can trust and rely on was something we had to try,” Kruse said.

Many of us already sign PDF documents electronically or through platforms like DotLoop, but not all documents are accepted through electronic formats. Currently, wills need to be printed, signed and recorded, but Willingworth sees the opportunity for digitally signed wills, known as e-wills, to expand. As states begin adopting these policies, Willingworth will be in position to offer those services and to handle most of its document transfers electronically.

Willingworth is available now to start building wills that safeguard you, your family, and your property.

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