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Tour Selma offers on-demand guided audio walking tours in Selma, Alabama. The area is rich in history, and tour guide and champion for Selma, AC Reeves, sees her business as an opportunity to change the narrative of how people view Selma.

Her tours extend beyond the history people might be familiar with and take a deeper examination of  the city’s history. Be it their first interactions with Native Americans, the Civil War, Reconstruction, the Suffragette movement, WWI, or the Civil Rights movement, the people of Selma have always been involved. By getting people more involved and visiting, they can become better informed about how these events relate to the city and the area, but more importantly understand how Selma is moving forward. Reeves uses her tours to steer the conversation around recognition of Selma’s past, laying the groundwork for reconciliation. She has built her business in a city she calls home to be a driving force in this future.

“Come to Selma and let me give you a tour: AC’s Selma Sampler Tour, a taste of this 12 layer cake I call home. Let me be the concierge and introduce you to this 12 layer cake. Stay at my Airbnb or the others that have popped up over the last year. Spend money with us. I know we do not make that easy, but I am working on it. We need to be seen and to be heard. You cannot come see us without preconceptions, but you can come with an open heart to this community with love as your intent. When Selma is loved and not shamed, she will heal. When she heals,  I believe she will change the world again. Come help us change the world again, come visit and see us for yourself!” Reeves says.

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