Alumna Plays Integral Role in Development of COVID-19 Contact Tracing App

Samford University alumna Emily Leithauser Hart ‘09 has a passion for technology and translating it for the general public. In 2020, she served in an integral role at MotionMobs, the Birmingham-based firm responsible for building Alabama’s COVID-19 exposure notification mobile application, GuideSafe.

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Alabama Coronavirus App Part of Growing Multistate Network

The GuideSafe Exposure Notification app was developed by the University of Alabama at Birmingham, the Alabama Department of Health and the Birmingham-based tech company MotionMobs, reported Thursday. According to the GuideSafe website it uses technology from a collaboration between Google and Apple.

Alabama’s COVID tracing app joins nationwide network

Until now, Alabama’s app only worked with other users who had downloaded Alabama’s version of the app. The GuideSafe app was connected on Thursday to the Association of Public Health Laboratories National Key Server, which connects similar apps developed by 13 states and the District of Columbia, with more states to be added.

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