Tim Cook, CEO of Apple

New education initiative backed by Apple launches in Birmingham

February 27, 2020

Apple will be the key industry partner for Ed Farm through its Community Education Initiative. Apple is providing Ed Farm with hardware, software, funding and professional learning support...Partners in the effort include Alabama Power Co., Birmingham City Schools, Innovate Birmingham, Lawson State Community College, MotionMobs... Read the full article on the Birmingham Business Journal

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An image of the logo of the epilepsy foundation which is a spiral element of light

Epilepsy Foundation Alabama Names New Board Members

December 9, 2019

The fight to end epilepsy is anchored in Alabama by the Epilepsy Foundation of Alabama, and the organization just appointed five new board members to continue that fight. The five new members of the advisory board in Alabama include: Kevin Archer, Director of Business Development, MotionMobs

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Taylor Peake standing in front of the Tower, a building she owns

10 emerging influencers to know in Birmingham

August 5, 2019

Peake has made a mark on Birmingham in a number of ways. In addition to founding MotionMobs, she has also transformed the former Drummond Co. headquarters into the The Tower – a building that has become home to a number of companies.

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Birmingham is an incredible place to build a business

June 5, 2019

We’ve recruited from California, Ohio, and Tennessee, and they all relocated to Alabama. I have no doubt they would be a formidable force in Silicon Valley, but they’ve made Birmingham their home. The beauty of technology is that we can work where we want, and we want to be here…

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MotionMobs nominated for U.S. Chamber of Commerce Award

September 25, 2018

President Taylor Peake and MotionMobs are one of three woman owned business finalists for the annual Dream Big Awards presented by MetLife, which celebrates small business achievement and honors their contributions to the country’s economic growth…

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MotionMobs partners with Montgomery startup on tech training initiative

September 19, 2018

Montgomery-based startup, CodingSolutions, has partnered with Birmingham’s MotionMobs to launch a new training program to prepare software development talent from Alabama universities for career positions with companies across the state.

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MotionMobs President Taylor Peake talks recent honors and the perks of being different

September 11, 2018

“I encourage minority talent that’s diverse in nature with different backgrounds and thought patterns,” Taylor Peake said. “The most important thing I’ve done is grow my team and build such a strong team. There is a huge advantage in being different.”

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Women to Watch 2018: Emily Hart

August 30, 2018

“Communication has always been at the core of every job I’ve ever had. The work I do with MotionMobs is partially education and partially storytelling, which is the intersection of the things I love most, all within the realm of cutting-edge technology…”

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Bham app developers weigh in ahead of Apple conference

June 1, 2018

Birmingham tech companies will be glued to their screens during the keynote address to see what is coming down the pipeline from the Cupertino tech giant. MotionMobs was started 18 months after the App Store launched in 2008. So, the conference has become a tradition for Taylor Wyatt and her team…

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Risk & Reward

March 30, 2018

Taylor Peake Wyatt founded MotionMobs, a custom software consulting and development firm, during her last semester at UAB’s Collat School of Business. She was only 19 years old. Leaping into the technology industry was daunting, but the potential rewards were thrilling, she says…

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Birmingham exec testifies before Congressional committee

October 4, 2017

A Birmingham businesswoman is seeking to help Congress think through tax reform. Taylor Peake Wyatt, president of Birmingham’s MotionMobs, testified today before the U.S. House of Representatives Small Business Committee on tax reform…

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Industry insight: Talking tech with local software experts

September 1, 2017

“The key to success is to push the rapidly growing startups here to extend their user bases beyond our state lines and establish a reputation for Birmingham as the next emerging tech hub…”

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The movers and shakers in Bham’s app world

June 30, 2016

MotionMobs has been doing diverse work for many different clients, big and small, for several years now. The company’s main focus is business-to-business software applications that integrate various technologies together to increase efficiency…

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Birmingham’s top women in tech: Taylor Peake

August 25, 2015

“Those hurdles have helped me be very intentional in everything I do. When you add value to someone’s business, it doesn’t matter your gender or your age. Bottom line results change the conversation…”

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MotionMobs — Taylor Peake talks tech startup

November 30, 2014

Taylor Peake, co-founder of MotionMobs, shares the story of starting the software development company in 2010. We also talk about the path from idea to funding, how to address the shortage of tech industry talent in Alabama and the benefits of growing a tech business in the Magic City.

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How to take Bham tech to the next level

October 10, 2014

As a seasoned entrepreneur, Taylor Peake knows first-hand why Forbes has described Birmingham as an up-and-coming tech hotspot. But she also recognizes what factors are holding the Magic City back. One of the key challenges: Birmingham’s unique tech and startup atmosphere hasn’t quite permeated Birmingham’s larger corporate culture.

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New life in an old place

October 17, 2012

This time, the former Blackwell Furniture building, also known as the former BB’s China and Glassware, becomes the new home to MotionMobs, an app developer arising from Innovation Depot, and the new home to MotionMobs owner Tayor Peake.

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