EBITDA Optimization

Second Nature

Second Nature, a subscription filter delivery business, sought EBITDA Optimization consulting services to better understand their existing customers and how to convert new customers. The company's e-commerce implementation was evaluated, including online ordering from their website and use of promotional codes.

The Ask

MotionMobs worked with Second Nature to understand the gaps between marketing efforts and real purchases on the company’s e-commerce website, dramatically impacting monthly revenue. In order to understand how to maximize their return on additional technology investments, Second Nature engaged Motion Mobs to help them project where a return would be best realized.

Services Provided

While Second Nature has an internal development team tasked with building, maintaining, and optimizing all of the technology for the business, the company needed assistance in understanding their e-commerce site from a strategic perspective. MotionMobs approached the consulting engagement by first examining the site's code. After the code review, it became evident that the lowest hanging fruit was not within internal data flow and integrations, but instead the customer-facing aspects. These aspects consisted of site load time, external integrations, and the usage of marketing promotions.

The Results

MotionMobs suggested various ways for the company to increase revenue. Strategic initiatives that were defined as an output from the consulting engagement were centered around modifying where ad dollars were being spent on external websites as well as increasing customer conversions through specific marketing tactics and outreach.

$1.5M in Potential Revenue
1000+ Daily Transactions
Multiple Evaluated Integrations