New Product Discovery


The GirlSpring app is a digital, mobile magazine for girls 13-18, with 90 percent of the content created by girls from this age group. Topics include news and politics, health (mental and physical), book and movie reviews, fashion tips, recipes, art and more.

The Ask

Hiring MotionMobs was a way to both bring the mobile app idea to life and continue to uphold the core commitment to providing role models to the GirlSpring girls, such as women in STEM careers. While the app’s audience is young, the readers and authors are observant, empathetic, and action-driven critical thinkers. MotionMobs was asked to develop a mobile application to be the mobile access point to GirlSpring’s existing WordPress website.

Services Provided

The GirlSpring app is a must-have for all girls ages 13 to 18, and parents and community members can support their work on the app. It was built to be a delivery mechanism for their inspired and poignant, digital content. Adding content to the application is a simple process where authors can push digital articles, images, and interactive quizzes to the well-designed mobile app via the organization’s website.

The Results

MotionMobs used Flutter for the mobile front-end to create a single codebase for apps in both the Apple App Store and Google Play for maximum value for the nonprofit organization. The mobile application pulled content from the organization's WordPress website to have a seamless transfer of content and allow for more users to write, access, and share content on a device where teenagers spend a significant amount of time. The increased access to content via the digital magazine helps increase learning and collaboration.

8,000 Views per Month
500+ Online Articles
35+ Teenage Authors