MotionMobs Talk

Rapid Fire: Design Week Birmingham 2015

Design Week Birmingham is off and running, and MotionMobs president Taylor Peake Wyatt is speaking at Friday night’s featured event, Rapid Fire powered by Pecha Kucha. Rapid Fire features 12 professionals from the design industry who have 20 slides to present to the audience for 20 seconds per slide.

Taylor will be speaking about design as it relates to technology, specifically in the mobile space. User experience design focuses on designing specifically for the experience the user will have while interacting with the product. At MotionMobs, we believe that design is far more than just making something pretty – it has to serve a specific function and plays a crucial role in how a user feels about a piece of software.

When it comes to apps, design is part of the conversation from the very beginning. Often our clients come to us with sketches of their app idea because the way that the user moves through the app is just as important as the goal of the app in the first place. Our designer and our developers collaborate on the technical specifications and appearance of each app to make sure that code and artwork work together in harmony and the user gets the best experience possible.

If the best code in the world powers an app that a user can’t figure out how to use, it’s a waste. A beautiful, intuitive interface that doesn’t respond to natural actions of the user because the code doesn’t work is also a waste.

Come listen to Taylor’s Rapid Fire presentation on Friday evening at the Birmingham Blueprint Building to learn more about how user experience impacts every aspect of making mobile applications. Learn how to think about your own design work as it applies to mobile and the key elements that should be considered when designing for a user instead of a viewer.

By Emily Hart