MotionMobs Talk

What lawyers and developers have in common

Today’s blog post is written by guest columnist Mike Goodrich. Mike is the co-founder of our recent project Spruce and owner of Goodrich Law Firm.

I am a lawyer by trade, and I have enjoyed practicing for over 15 years; however, I am not the right lawyer for all situations. If you get rear-ended and hurt, I am not your lawyer. If an employee sues you, I am not your lawyer. I have a particular focus in a particular practice area. When I get out of my focus area, I probably am not the right lawyer.

What is the parallel between choosing the right lawyer and MotionMobs? Because the same thing is true for selecting web and app development firms. Not all firms are the same. Not all tech people are the same. And not all software companies can do all things technical. As a lawyer with a nasty entrepreneurial habit, I can speak with a good deal of experience — finding the right software and technical design people is extremely tricky, and mobile design is even more so.

Your junior high son or daughter can probably easily build a website. While he or she may also be a pro on a smartphone, building an app is an entirely different ballgame. Just as your neighbor who is a lawyer may not be the right lawyer for you, your techie friend may not be the right developer for your company’s software needs.

MotionMobs has recently launched Spruce, a new platform for companies to develop their own private apps. I helped refine the idea, but MotionMobs made it reality. I believe that it is groundbreaking design and a new and novel idea in the field. And it was not thrown together overnight. Spruce is a complicated piece of software with many moving parts. It has a professional and graphically pleasing website. It is an app on the App Store. It is an OS embedded within an application. In layman’s terms, it’s sophisticated. MotionMobs delivered beyond my expectations.

MotionMobs delivered because they work as a team. Their team is powered by having a specialized person for each part of the project: a designer, an app developer and a web developer. You need this expertise when you’re building sophisticated software and anything that has to do with mobile at this point in time.

Like a group of lawyers with expertise from every corner of the courthouse, MotionMobs has an expert for every aspect of your digital needs.

By Emily Hart