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Meet Spruce, an easy way to craft private business iPad apps



We are so excited to share with you our latest project, Spruce. Try it out to get a taste of app development yourself, even if you don’t have any programming or design experience!

While most app creation services involve producing a web app or awkwardly making custom content fit inside a preset template, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Meet Spruce. Spruce is a simple software platform that allows businesses to create their own private, native iPad apps with lots of flexibility. While designed for sales and marketing professionals, Spruce has hundreds of possible uses. It can create an interactive video display for an event, a sales pitch, a work showcase, a contact information collection tool, a company directory for lobbies and much more. All it takes is a little creativity.

Users begin by joining Spruce online and logging into a web dashboard to start building their app. The tools are very flexible and simple for even the most inexperienced, allowing anyone to try their hand at app development without needing to know how to code or design.

Leveraging the power of cloud storage, Spruce apps are database-driven business tools. Users can upload a variety of content to their account, including videos, spreadsheets, PDFs and photos, and instantly push that content to their app.

Because Spruce operates privately, users never need to worry that they are posting their content publicly online or that they have to wade through the process of submitting their app through the Apple App Store. It’s perfect for promoting a product or company at a special event or convention.

Producing a native app brings lots of advantages to marketing and sales professionals. It can harness the full power of the iPad processor without being tied to a website or internet connection, offering top speeds. Once the app is complete, it functions offline just as well as online, so the user can be anywhere without sacrificing productivity.

Building a custom app with features like Spruce offers generally costs thousands of dollars. Spruce was built by small business owners who wanted to make it accessible to all any professional needing a custom app—even those without a huge company bank account. Free to download in the App Store, Spruce is subscription-based at only $40 per month, contract-free, and there will be no additional charge to users as new features are added.

By Emily Hart