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What’s New at MotionMobs

For my debut on the blog here, I first wanted to offer my sincere gratitude and appreciation to the creative community of Birmingham, and all over actually, for their generous welcoming tweets, posts and other digital interjections on the announcement that I was starting here at MotionMobs.
It has been a long couple of weeks since that Wednesday in mid-February. Adjustments have been made, work flows have been streamlined, and all the other usual (and at times unusual) stuff that goes along with a group bringing in another creative body has been working itself out.

From where I sit here, in our nice space in Innovation Depot on this sunny Tuesday, there is a lot of stuff to be done. Exciting stuff to be done. Fun stuff to be done. It’s the wild west all over again, and we are the cowboys.

One of the things that attracts me to mobile user experience and interface design is the same thing that attracts me to the start up lifestyle and what we are building here at MotionMobs.

With each new client and each new project, new expectations are placed on us to push walls down that we, as normal people, put up to safe guard ourselves from being told, “Well that’s just terrible.”

Someone wise told me once that the curse and blessing of an artist is being told, “that stinks,” is why you get up each day to be better than the day before, but at the same time it can be the thing that makes you hang up your digital paint brush for the day and say, well, maybe I’ll just move to the beach and surf. We’ve all been there. But we come back.

It’s the pressure of everyday that keeps me coming back. The pressure that we, as a collective industry of creative minds, use to motivate us to break new ground every day with this new platform of technology. The standards of mobile interfaces is still, at least in my opinion, being written. With each pixel we align, with each type face we choose, we are chiseling our mark onto an even greater canvas and that’s the always changing history of mobile interface and experience design.

When Taylor asked me to come on board as the Creative Director and UI Designer for MotionMobs, I have to admit that I was appropriately intimidated by the amount of responsibility that Taylor saw me taking on in the weeks and months to come. Intimidated is an understatement, honestly. More like terrified. At the same time though, and through Taylor’s continuing efforts to push me past my comfort level every day to build my toolbox of skills, I am feeling stronger than ever in my abilities as both a creative and as an integral part of helping MotionMobs grow.

I love what we are building here. I love the clients we are working with. I love the people I am working with. Even at the end of a long week, when I all I want to do is not think about work. I love the work I am blessed to be able to create each day. My only hope is that as we grow we find ways to reach out to more people. That we find a way to make ourselves, as an agency, able to forge ways into new areas of art and creative services.

I am going to try and keep this blog going on a more weekly basis so you all, our users, our friends, and as a group who believes in our work, can better know what we are working on, thinking about, or even just having fun doing!

I, we, MotionMobs, thanks all of you for your support.

We are in the business of creating experiences and connecting people.

We are glad you are coming along to experience it with us.

By Taylor Peake