MotionMobs is Hiring!

It’s that time again to add new members to our team.

We’re looking for self-motivated, passionate people, who want to make a impact on our small, thriving start-up.

If you’re organized, professional and passionate about your work and have any of the following skill sets, please contact us at


iOS Engineering

iOS Engineering requires a lot of attention to detail. iOS engineers at MotionMobs will work together everyday to create complex, usually database driven, applications. iOS engineers must understand how to use and implement custom layouts and designs.

Job Overview:

  • Work on database driven iPhone & iPad applications
  • Implement creative, custom design work & layouts
  • Work with our lead developer to follow his direction & strategy
  • Gain loads of business experience in a variety of industries: healthcare, education, non-profit organizations, and more.
  • Experience with project management software (to log hours and report finished tasks)
  • Experience with Xcode
  • Experience working fluidly in a team environment
  • Experience working with innovative designers
  • Personable and easy to work alongside
  • Successful launch of at least one App
  • Gaming development experience is a plus


Graphic Designer

User-experience design is a very important part of our company and who we are. While everyone on our team has different specialties, user-experience isn’t far from anyone’s mind. It is much more than just choosing colors for the App. It is the way the user interacts with the application. Selecting streamlined mobile patterns takes a unique skill set beyond just interactive design work.

Job Overview:

  • Design innovative UI patterns for multiple mobile platforms
  • Illustrate characters to tell each brand’s story
  • Create high resolution icons for each App
  • Provide graphic design elements for the MotionMobs website and public branding
  • Design custom monthly newsletters for MotionMobs
  • Work closely with our marketing efforts
  • Experience with mobile design
  • Experience working fluidly in a team environment
  • Personable and easy to work alongside
  • Experience building animations and motion graphics is a huge plus


Business Development

MotionMobs is always looking for driven, creative individuals to help grow our company. Professional, organized, and energetic individuals are always high on our list. Being a part of a start-up technology community requires a sizable commitment of both time and passion.

Job Overview:

  • Engage your personal branding on social networks
  • Attend key mobile technology conferences
  • Identify and approach potential clients that fits our target market


  • Must own and use a smart phone with a respected App Store
  • Experience using Apps frequently
  • Experience selling professional services
  • Experience working fluidly in a team environment
  • Personable and easy to work alongside

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