Integrating DAT and Truckstop for truckload shipments 

Load board bidding 3x faster 

Shippers, brokers, and carriers are well-versed in booking truckload shipment via a load board. These online marketplaces make it easy for shippers and brokers to find vans, reefers, flatbeds, and more and filter based on availability, insurance, and risk to find the right carrier for the load. Owner-operators are also able to compete with large carriers for loads with increased access and visibility to shippers and brokers.

Load Boards

DAT and Truckstop are leaders in the load board space, and they are optimized to level the playing field to allow for fair deals for all participants. While this neutral marketplace for shippers, brokers, and carriers to work out deals, it keeps parties at a distance from each other.

In some cases, a shipper and a carrier or owner-operator build a relationship and prefer to do business with each other instead of constantly shopping around. These long-term relationships help provide stability and consistency to businesses, but the parties may not have the resources to facilitate a direct quoting and booking integration. Instead, they continue to use load boards and tolerate the delay involved in submitting RFPs and waiting for bids, which is extended by the visibility of the load to additional parties hoping to get the deal.

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Custom DAT and Truckstop Integrations

For a client with established shipper and carrier relationships, MotionMobs integrated with DAT and Truckstop load boards to streamline the connection between limited parties with a preference to work with each other. The integration significantly decreased the time involved in load bidding and negotiating.

Supply Chain Impact

When truckload shipments can be negotiated and booked faster, freight moves faster, and the rest of the supply chain feels the domino effect of increased efficiency. Based on the success achieved through the integrations with DAT and Truckstop, MotionMobs is able to provide additional insight to clients who are seeking to optimize their own truckload shipments, including those who have exclusive arrangements with a single carrier.

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