Tech Consulting

There are two problems you must solve before developing software: what to build and how to build it. We believe what you build is 90 percent of your path to success. How you build it has a fraction of the impact. Our in-house, full-service consulting team focuses on the what part of the equation to determine the technical solution that will deliver the best return on investment for our clients.

New Product Discovery

Building a new application from the ground up can be scary. You only have one chance to make a first impression, and you want it to be a good one. Our consultants help clients understand how their app will generate revenue, analyze how technology impacts their business operations, and identify ways to differentiate their app from the current market.

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How is your software making money for you? We analyze the value an app offers each user type, define how those users engage with your app, and construct revenue channels that optimize customer satisfaction and fair revenue generation for your business. Every monetization client we’ve ever worked with has discovered hidden revenue channels through this process.

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EBITDA Optimization

Software may not be the product or service you sell, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t impact your year-end earnings. The systems in place have a dramatic impact on profit and loss in the way they influence your business operations. We help clients leverage technology solutions to improve efficiency, increase accuracy, decrease loss, and mitigate risk.

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Tech Audit

Acquiring, selling, or merging software products can go smoothly or be a complete nightmare. Before you finalize an M&A deal, due diligence requires a tech audit to identify risks. Our audits go a step further and provide a road map to resolving identified risks to help our clients maximize valuation for a deal.

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