Practice makes perfect, and that’s a key part of preparing for the ACT exam. Classroom preparation can only go so far in improving ACT scores. Just like engaging daily in practice for a sport, students must review and practice regularly in order to increase their ACT score. It’s a far easier task for students to complete ACT practice through an app instead of relying on printed practice test booklets, though. Metacognition Academy offers ACT prep courses and private tutoring with a special focus on supporting athletes and those bound for HBCUs.

Adding a mobile test prep solution to their services was already on their roadmap before the COVID-19 pandemic, and the socially-distant world of 2020 created an even more compelling argument to empower independent test practice from anywhere.MotionMobs helped Metacognition Academy narrow their focus to the best minimum viable product for existing students and mapped out the revenue channels to support expanding the business in this way.

With a rapid expansion of tutoring services, Metacognition Academy is combining the best of both worlds to stay connected with students even during remote learning.

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